BIM for Infrastructure through the lifecycle – How Governmental BIM and VDC requirement is pushing the Norwegian infrastructure business

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In 2012 The Norwegian Road administration launched the first BIM requirement manual for Road planning, design, construction and handover to maintenance. The railway authority followed close by with their requirement. Through numerous PPP projects the contractor continue to push the requirement to assure constructible models are designed, to fully exploit their machine control and build the site virtually before building it physically. Measurements done on 6 projects show radical reduction in the number of clash and conflicts between construction elements, and therefore also a reduction in change orders. Saving the Client additional cost. With the new infrastructure client in Norway, “Nye Veier”, responsible for development of the main connecting highways, they have pushed the industry even further. Showing the industry, they want to move to BIM Level 3 lifecycle models in the cloud, file-less sharing of data, web dashboard monitoring of sites and no paper drawings.